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My opinion is that a dog’s training is all about his owner’s attitude and proper reaction. Patience, hard work and careful steps, along with Ilias Raymondis guidance and even the most untamable dog like Zeus, showed huge improvement, after only 6 courses. And he is only three and a half months old!

Why you should train your dog? I will answer that in my own words. Ilias, with your Positive Training, our Ruby is not just in position to “execute” some orders, but she has become a proper member of our family, now that she understand what we ask from her…

We met Ilias after he was suggested to us for Dargo’s basic training, when he was a puppy. The first thing we received from him was his great love for our four legged friends and his endless patience…

Only through training is now possible for Arya, to communicate with our family, every time something is strange to her or something scares her. It takes only a look from her, so that we can give her information in order for her to pay attention or to ignore it. And this did not happen magically. Every day she evolves and completes, through our relationship and our common experiences. Ilias, we both thank you for helping us conquer all these…

I honestly wasn’t expecting my dog to listen to me with so many challenges around, in such short period of time. Ilias, a big “thank you” for the great work!

Ilias, with your help, we managed with Ria to “break” a big part of her fear and finally got out of the house for our walks. She was hesitated at first, but now she enjoys them and doesn’t even want to return back home. Me and Ria thank you!

How many “thank you” he would tell you if he was able! Without your interest, he may not be alive or he would be lost, wandering scared and hungry. Many many thanks from me also!

“Speak to your Dog” is amazing because they have a unique view for every dog the host or train. They are not just… the dogs. They are Arya, Musasi, Hera, Aura etc… Each one with their individual personality, their personal preferences, their obsessions and fears. And Ilias knows all about them and handles everything. Arya and her family say a big “thank you’ and a “well done”. Ilias keep loving what you do!

Our sixteen paws were there for the days of our wedding. They just loved it and even learned a few things. Ilias is a real “dogwhisperer”

This guy is amazing. Such a natural with dogs!

Ilias is an amazing trainer with a deep knowledge and love for dogs. Our life with Diego has become very pleasant and we can understand each other’s needs much better now. Ilias helped and keeps helping us, so that we keep improving our relationship with our dog, Ilias, thank you for everything!

We want to thank Ilias for his effort with Hermes. After just a few courses, our dog, which had behavior issues, is now in position to manage these issues inside and outside the house. Training by Ilias is highly recommended!

Flawless collaboration, nice, and hospitable place. You helped us a lot with our dogs and we left with the best impressions. Thank you!

We are very lucky to have you in Corfu! You are doing an amazing job and you are great with the dogs. Great work!

Ilias is an excellent trainer, with knowledge and experience! He is extremely professional and most of all, a great person. I made the best choice for my Cookie and we are still at the beginning. Congratulations!

Amazing work and lots of love four our little friends!

Ilias trained my dog, Buck, since he was just six months old. Today, Buck is six years old and all these years Ilias was by our side, no matter what we needed. His hospitality was excellent, whenever that was necessary. Thank you very much Ilias!

We are grateful to Ilias for the great help he offered with our little Fivos. Through positive training he managed to help him get over some major behavior issues. Very soon, Fivos is able to communicate with us, through the steps Ilias taught us!

Loki was our fourth rescue dog that came with a few disabilities. The other three were totally spoilt and untrained. So it was a mixture of lots of dogs with damage and no rules from us. Eventually we couldn't cope and our vet recommended Ilias. We found him very easy to talk to and after the first lesson things were better. I'd say for our family we still have lots of work but the house feels happy and more relaxed. We absolutely recommend Ilias and I'm sure in the future we will call upon him again for help. It's definitely the best thing we did for our ever growing family. Thanks Ilias…

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